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About PawsomeWear

We make beautiful hand made accessories for your pets. Our increasingly popular signiture bandanas and bow ties have been sold to stylish Pawsome Pets all around the world.

About the Founder

The Founder

I'm passionate about animals and it has always been my dream to become a vet. I'm very aware of the dedication required and the amount of time it takes to study to become a vet. I started PawsomeWear at the age of 12 so I could learn how to work hard, whilst still continuing to develop my design, sewing and photography skills and begin saving money for university. Each bandana or bow tie I sell goes towards my vet school dream.

Signed, me!

Seasonal and fresh fabrics

We've always got exciting seasonal fabrics in stock. Come back regularly and build your PawsomeWare collection.

Seasonal Fabrics

Our Current Collections

Christmas Tartan

A beautiful luxury tartan perfectly at home with any Christmas decor.

Gingerbread Spice

Gingerbread men, hearts and snowflakes. What's not to love?

Christmas Cheer

Is it a gingerbreard man or Santa?

Candy Cane

A perfectly festive stripped pattern.

Pups of Love

One of our long standing favorites. This one works any time of the year.

Vanilla Ice Ice Baby

It's never too cold for ice cream!

Buy Online

We always have some of our most popular designs and sizes in stock, but we'll also make something just for you if you really want something special.

Pawsome Pets Gallery

A few pictures of some of our most Pawsome customers around the world. We love to see our fury friends wearing PawsomeWear kit. Send us a picture if you would like us to feature your particularly Pawsome pet!

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Please contact us if you would like to order something custom or if you would simply like to say hello.